Hygienic technic - driers for shoes



Footwear driers by Wiejak are characterised with a number of features distinguishing these devices from other devices available on the market:

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Single-sided drier for 8 pairs of shoes



  The smallest from the range of driers manufactured by us can hold 8 pairs of shoes. Thanks to the drying racks mounted only on one side, it does not occupy a large space.





Double-sided drier for 16 pairs of shoes



 The double-sided drier, slightly enlarged, can hold 16 pairs of shoes. Due to the placement of racks on both sides, it is similar in dimensions to the former one, but it requires the access to be provided from both sides.



Single-sided drier for 16 pairs of shoes


A drier also for 16 pairs of shoes, however the racks are placed only on one side. Thanks to the possibility of placing it close to a wall, it may be used in smaller rooms.






Double-sided drier for 32 pairs of shoes



The largest of driers manufactured by us. It has been designed for 32 pairs of  shoes, with the racks placed on its both sides.