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Knife sharpener



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  • to be used in meat processing plants, abattoirs, fish or poultry processing plants, etc.
  • easy operation allows any person to sharpen the knife professionally (apprentice, newly employed worker).
  • aesthetic, small sizes
  • short sharpening time and really sharp knife, significantly increasing the efficiency of partition and manual bone removal (meat trimming)
  • all materials applied in the device possess attestation and are made of stainless materials
  • cutting edge cooling, evenness of sharpening angles as well as hardening by smoothing on ceramic discs reduces the wear and tear of the knife even five times
  • casing and base made of stainless steel
  • even profiles on both sides of the knife, magnets hold the knife at the selected angle - power supply 220V or 380 V
  • double-sided stones (when the stone is worn on one side, it is turned over)
  • slowly rotating stones (safe operation) - during the sharpening the coolant does not leak outside the machine
  • upon the completion of work, there is a possibility of draining the water by means of a small tap, without the necessity to remove the device from the base
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